Oregon Community Climate Investment Fund

Protestors march in a climate rally. One is holding a sign with the image of the earth on fire that reads, "stop denying earth is dying."
Protestors march in a climate rally. One is holding a sign with the image of the earth on fire that reads, "stop denying earth is dying."

Join Seeding Justice in Building Oregon’s Clean Energy Future

We’re tackling climate solutions by bringing people together to fuel innovation and economic resiliency. We’re Seeding Justice, a nonprofit that’s been serving Oregonians with the help of businesses, foundations, and government since 1976. 

On Earth Day 2024, Seeding Justice is launching the Oregon Community Climate Investment Fund to support a community-centered, clean energy future. We believe insight from those who face the steepest barriers will generate the most-effective solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—improving the health and resiliency of people and businesses across our state. 

We are calling on visionary leaders to help us build the future of an energy-independent Oregon. The Oregon Community Climate Investment Fund will lead to a more healthy, efficient and affordable future for generations to come.

Note: This fund is not currently affiliated with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Climate Protection Program (CPP).

“Climate leadership is critical to the health of Oregon’s people and industries. We must drive the progress needed for our state to re-emerge as a leader in the growing clean economy and to create healthier communities,” says Tim Miller, Director of Oregon Business for Climate.


We can't do this urgent work alone.

We’re seeking the support of foundations. And we’re partnering with businesses to meet their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility goals. We will help you achieve your impact goals for your stakeholders and shareholders—and for everyone in this great state we call home.

“Seeding Justice has the right approach and the right plan,” says Miller. “Working together, we can deliver measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, while equitably supporting people in all parts of our state.”

People who live in rural areas, people with low incomes, and marginalized people have been disproportionately impacted by climate change. That has to stop. We don’t presume to know exactly what each community needs, and we plan to support projects like: 

  • Renewable energy, including solar panels on rural homes and small businesses statewide
  • Building energy efficiency through installation of new equipment and increasing weatherization for homes, critical community spaces and commercial buildings 
  • Transportation decarbonization through vehicle and fleet electrification

These projects–designed, implemented and built by Oregon nonprofits and businesses–will help our state lead the way in building a flourishing clean energy economy.

We’d love to tell you more about how Seeding Justice is at the forefront of green energy solutions and how we can do this work together.

Take the lead. Join us today.

Open for donations from individuals and businesses soon!

Why Seeding Justice

For nearly 50 years, Seeding Justice has been at the forefront of creating a more just and equitable future for historically marginalized communities across Oregon through its Community Fund program

Since 2020, the program has granted nearly $34 million to communities across the state through Funds like the Reproductive Health Equity Fund and the Child Care Capacity Building Fund. Seeding Justice is also the founding funder of Oregon Worker Relief, the largest program of its kind in the state, and has supported the dispersal of more than $180 million through the Fund, which helps immigrant Oregonians make ends meet.