The Oregon Reproductive Health Equity Fund

Protestors march carrying signs supporting abortion and reproductive rights.
Protestors march carrying signs supporting abortion and reproductive rights.

A post-Roe America.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion after almost 50 years of protection. The decision will reshape our lives and will lead to near-total bans in almost half the states across the country. 

Abortion is still legal in Oregon. 

The Reproductive Health Equity Fund provides access to essential reproductive and gender-affirming care, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand equitable access across Oregon’s health care infrastructure. While Oregon is a leader in the country, we still have disparities amongst rural, tribal and undocumented communities, and communities of color.

This Fund expands equity of access for Oregonians who need it most and support people most impacted by gaps in reproductive health care access and bans on abortion. 

Your gift to the Reproductive Health Equity Fund will help us provide equitable access for reproductive health care to whoever needs it in Oregon, and support providers across the state.

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Reproductive Health Equity Fund FAQs

The Reproductive Health Equity Fund began with a $15 million allocation from the Oregon Legislature to advance health equity and mitigate harm caused by geographic, economic, structural, systemic and legal barriers faced by Oregonians and our closest neighbors in accessing reproductive health care. The Fund is currently accepting additional contributions from individuals and philanthropic organizations. 

Providers and organizations who reach:

  • All Oregonians who are affected by disparities in access to reproductive health services; 
  • Rural Oregonians who live in the eastern part of the state, who will lose access to their closest reproductive health care options, which are currently in Idaho; 
  • People and families in neighboring states forced to rely on Oregon as their nearest access for reproductive health care.

The Reproductive Health Equity Fund will be dispersed via a grantmaking process to community-embedded organizations that have been working to advance reproductive health equity and access in Oregon for years. 

Individuals won’t apply directly to the Fund – but they can continue to seek support from the organizations that have been providing this type of support for many years. Individuals seeking support for abortion care should reach out to Northwest Abortion Access Fund

As is our longstanding approach for Community Funds, we are working urgently to gather experts and community leaders working on the frontlines of equitable healthcare access and who are most impacted by these issues, including an informal advisory group composed of Pro-Choice Oregon, Planned Parenthood, Forward Together Action, Northwest Abortion Fund Access and the ACLU. 

Next, the advisory group will establish a steering committee, which will be responsible for co-creating a robust, transparent, community-informed process for decision-making, inviting organizations to submit grant proposals, and determining which proposals will be funded. We are currently in the process of interviewing a wide range of stakeholders across the state. 

In March 2022, $15 million was allocated by the legislature to the Oregon Health Authority to create the Reproductive Healthy Equity Fund (Per HB 5202, section 368) to be administered by Seeding Justice. As soon as contracts are in place and have been reviewed as required, funds will be released from the Oregon Health Authority to Seeding Justice. 

The RHEF advisory group is working urgently to prepare for the release of funds by OHA so the first dollars can be moved to community partners as quickly as possible to address the most urgent and time-sensitive needs. The Fund is seeking widespread input from the community about what the most urgent needs are, as well as about needed longer-term investments to help build a more equitable reproductive healthcare infrastructure in this state. 

Organizations will be able to apply for funding as soon as the grantmaking process is opened. We will update this page as new information about timing becomes available.

[Update 6/24/2022: The Fund is pleased to announce that the first $1 million will be awarded to the Northwest Abortion Access Fund to provide urgent and immediate support for those seeking care. We will update this page as the next round of funding becomes available for application.]

Seeding Justice will administer funds on behalf of OHA, distributing them through a grantmaking process to community-driven organizations throughout the state working to ensure Oregonians can access the care they need. Seeding Justice has a four-decade-long history of leading philanthropic movements to build power and successfully administering funds addressing urgent community needs, including the Bigotry Fund (1994 – LGBT Rights), 9/11 Critical Response Grants (2002 – Promoting Peace & Fighting Islamophobia), the Capacity Building Initiative (2016-2019) and, the Democracy & Rights Fund (2018).

Starting in 2020, we have administered the Oregon Worker Relief Fund, moving $111 million to undocumented communities in Oregon, one the largest mutual aid programs in the country.

Donate to the Reproductive Health Equity Fund to help expand the equity of access for Oregonians who need it most and support the communities most impacted by gaps in reproductive health care access and bans on abortion.