Other ways to give

Gifts of Stock

Donations of stock or mutual funds come with tax advantages -- and when you donate securities to Seeding Justice, you can make those tax advantages work for justice. Gifts of stock or mutual funds must be received into Seeding Justice’s account in the calendar year for which you intend to take the tax deduction (in other words, by December 31st). We recommend allowing up to six weeks for the transfer.

To donate stock or mutual funds to Seeding Justice:

  • Complete and return our Stock Gift Instructions form, as stock gifts come through to our account without donor information attached. Your completing and returning this form allows us to ensure that you are properly credited and acknowledged for your gift.
  • Then, send a letter of instruction to your broker with the information for our account at Charles Schwab:

    Seeding Justice
    Schwab account #: 6112-9067
    DTC #: 0164
    Seeding Justice Tax ID #: 93-0691187

Please Note: The information provided here should not be considered legal or tax advice. If you’re considering a stock gift, be sure to consult with your tax and financial advisors.

Estate Planning with our Legacy Circle

Contribute with intentional and lasting impact, in the easiest way: become a member of the Seeding Justice Legacy Circle by including us in your estate plans.

Estate gifts—including wills, trusts, retirement plans, and insurance policies—are ideal ways to ensure that Seeding Justice has the resources we need to work in the pursuit of justice and liberation. Estate gifts allow Seeding Justice to continue to fund racial, gender, disability, economic, and environmental justice for as long as it takes. It’s a way to ensure the legacy you leave is a legacy of justice.

By joining our Legacy Circle, you help honor this vision – where legacy does not mean quantities of dollars that are left to future generations, but rather what kind of world we are leaving behind. Together, we can create a collective legacy of justice and liberation for all communities.

Donor-in-Movement Funds

Donor-advised funds—which provide a way for people with wealth to receive tax deductions and retain control of the funds—can be at odds with Seeding Justice’s imperative to redistribute both wealth and power to the communities most impacted by injustice. We turned traditional donor-advised funds on their head, creating a unique donor-in-movement program to leverage funding for the movement. 

If you have questions about making a gift of stock, estate planning or Donor-in-Movement Funds, contact Development Director Dena Zaldúa or call 503-289-1517.